Authentically exclusive.

We believe that exclusive properties in unique locations are meant for exceptional individuals. With this vision in mind, we have established Achievi Real Estate company - a legal entity with western-management - whose headquarters is located in Bali and one that creates the possibility to acquire real estate at some of Indonesia’s primmest locations for its clients.

At Achivi we select only high-end properties that are suitable for both living and investing, as well as for receiving stable returns. We find one-of-a-kind land plots for the construction of distinctive properties that cannot be found on the market and at the same time that are physically limited, raising their value. This type of land can be considered for commercial activities in the hospitality industry or exclusive living properties. 

By working solely with premium clients, we clearly understand and diligently follow the highest standards and expectations of flawless customer experience.   


    2 projects

    To invest in


    6 villas

    In management


    70,000 are

    worth $25,000,000

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