The legal system in Indonesia suggests that the majority of the legal services are carried out by three main professions, namely notaries (notaris), lawyers (pengacara) and legal consultants (konsultan hukum).

The Notary Public is a public officer authorized by the state government to perform legal formalities and detect fraudulent acts connected to drawing up serious documents, where the Notary acts as an impartial witness.

In order to buy and sell property in Bali and Indonesia the involvement of a Notary service and a PPAT (Land Deed Officer) is necessary. The approval of the Land Deed Official is needed when arranging any of the following land-related deals: transferring ownership, granting new rights, pawning, or creating collateral. Being the one legitimate official, the Notary/PPAT is responsible for making the land deed and the deed of sale.       

Generally, notaries offer legal assistance, manage public and private settlements & contracts, as well as leases, company incorporation and other undertakings. Some of them are qualified by the Ministry of Lands to monitor passings of land titles possessions.The PPAT acts as an absolute in particular for the buyer involved in the sale and purchase process. 

The involvement of one or more of the abovementioned experts is required when carrying out any property-related deal. Even though Achievi will suggest a specialist suitable for each deal, the client is in his/her right to choose a different one.